Leader of payroll application launch honored

Employee of the Year Affleck a 'go-to' colleague for My.Leave, other projects

Lisa Affleck, director of payroll administration and the human resources management system with Payroll & Benefit Services, was honored Friday, Oct. 22, as the President's Employee of the Year for system administration.
Affleck received a plaque and $1,000 prize from President Bruce D. Benson at the ceremony and reception, which also recognized the other five nominees for the honor, and employees who reached five-year milestones for service to the university.

The Employee of the Year award is given in recognition and appreciation of exceptional job performance. In nomination material from leadership and colleagues, Affleck was praised as being "hard working, loyal, dedicated and a person of great integrity and high moral standards."

Affleck was described as a warm, cheerful "go-to" person whose project leadership was especially evident this past year with development and implementation of the new portal-based time and leave application, My.Leave.

"From her ability to provide timely and relevant input on an issue that helps to shortcut its resolution, to her ability to communicate complex issues on a level appropriate to the recipients' understanding, she has had an immeasurable positive impact to the University of Colorado," the nomination letter reads.

In another letter supporting Affleck for the award, it reads: "I have observed her analyze information and situations and take the time to really understand the needs of our campuses, which are quite diverse, since each campus has its own culture and unique organizational structure."

Affleck was chosen from a field of six nominees; the five runners-up also were: Leo Balaban, University Information Services (UIS), desktop support at 1800 Grant St.; Katie Goodwin, University Counsel; Lindsay (Polak) Lennox, Tech Transfer Office; Tyler May, UIS; and Denise Nakamichi, Office of the President, budget and finance.

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The ceremony at 1800 Grant St. in Denver also recognized the following employees who have reached landmark years of service to the university.

30 years:

  • Stuart Littlefield, Procurement Service Center (PSC)
  • Mary Mirelez, Payroll and Benefit Services (PBS)

25 years:

  • Carolyn Darland, PBS
  • Margaret Simms, Office of University Counsel

20 years:

  • Michael Esposito, University Information Systems (UIS)
  • Edmund Lacobme, UIS
  • Edward Schroeder, UIS
  • Elvira Strehle-Henson, Office of University Counsel
  • Melia Thomas, Office of Risk Management
  • Daniel Wilkerson, Office of University Counsel

15 years:

  • Lori Dewender, UIS
  • Arthur Figel, UIS
  • Paul O'Brian, UIS
  • Chrystal Pochay, UIS

10 years:

  • Debra Caamano, Tech Transfer Office (TTO)
  • Sidney Eaton, UIS
  • Mary Ellis, Office of University Controller
  • Pamela Green, UIS
  • Margaret Haith, UIS
  • Erica Hunter, PBS
  • Sylva Janicek, UIS
  • Lisa Landis, Office of Human Resources
  • Michelle Martinez, PBS
  • Christian Scott, PSC
  • Thomas Trager, Office of University Counsel
  • Joe Vandel, UIS

Five years:

  • Leonid Balaban, UIS
  • Jeri Barlock, Office of the Board of Regents
  • Travis Chillemi, Office of University Controller
  • Colette Cosby, PSC
  • Megan Elphingstone, UIS
  • Michael Erausquin, UIS
  • Mark Gelband, PBS
  • Joshua Grudle, PBS
  • Terry Lee, Office of Risk Management
  • Jeff Lehmann, PSC
  • Michelle Malfatti, Office of Risk Management
  • Melissa Martin, Office of University Counsel
  • Deborah Mendez-Wilson, University Relations
  • Sara Missel, Office of University Counsel
  • Samuel Moreno, PBS
  • David Pierce, Office of University Controller
  • Traci Saige, UIS
  • Julie Sharpe, UIS
  • Tom Smerdon, TTO
  • David Sprenger, State and Federal Relations
  • Wiwiek Standard, Office of University Controller
  • Diane Streuer, PBS
  • Rick Todd, Office of the Treasurer
  • Kimberly Wendelin, PBS
  • Richard Wittekind, UIS