Lafayette company licenses CU solar technology

By Staff

Phobos Energy of Lafayette recently executed an exclusive license agreement with the University of Colorado for photovoltaic (PV) technology developed by Robert Erickson, co-director of CU-Boulder's Colorado Power Electronics Center.

Erickson's research has led to a technique for increasing the power generated by solar PV arrays when its panels are mismatched, and also provides simpler interconnection and wiring. As a result, the energy generated by the array is increased, the costs of system design and installation are reduced, and it becomes feasible to install PV arrays in new locations such as on gabled or non-planar roofs.

Phobos Energy was founded by Erickson (CTO, currently on entrepreneurial leave from CU) and two Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, Pete Del Vecchio (CEO) and Krishna Anne (President and COO). The company has received development funding from a large industrial partner and is seeking additional funding to expand operations.