Kelly named President’s Employee of the Year

Assistant treasurer honored at event that also celebrated employees reaching milestone years
By Staff

Lexie Kelly receives the System Staff Council’s award for President’s Employee of the Year from President Mark Kennedy.
Lexie Kelly receives the System Staff Council’s award for President’s Employee of the Year from President Mark Kennedy.

Lexie Kelly, assistant treasurer in the Office of the Treasurer at CU system, was honored Nov. 13 by System Staff Council as the President’s Employee of the Year.

Kelly received the award from President Mark Kennedy during an event at 1800 Grant St., where many other employees also were recognized for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university.

Some comments from letters nominating Kelly for the honor:

“She is a dedicated and hard-working employee whose service to support system and campuses in their banking needs epitomizes the service Treasury wants to provide.”

“I am always delighted to see Lexie because no matter what is going on, she is always cheerful and she knows what is going on and she is so willing to help, no matter what the question. I truly wish we had more employees like Lexie.”

“While serving in her role as Assistant Treasurer, she listens to what campus departments need and works steadfastly to assist them and to find real solutions.”

System Staff Council also recognized the other nominees for the President’s Employee of the Year Award:

  • Adam Newby, University Information Services: “Year-round, Adam successfully manages a large and complex infrastructure environment for CU with flawless execution, attention to detail and consistently delivering on key tasks early.”
  • John Gargaro, CU Health Plan Administration: “[I] have experienced John’s unmatched ability to develop and maintain positive and productive relationships with internal and external clients, regardless of experience, title, import, etc. To John, everyone is sincerely respected and valued.”
  • Kevin Sarsen, University Information Services: “Kevin’s commitment to leading excellence in the work he does exemplifies the critical capacity to continually push his team toward more sustainable and easier to maintain technical solutions.”
  • Nicole Combs, Advancement Operations: “I frequently receive feedback from campus partners on successes they’ve had because of Nicole’s thoughtful, strategic recommendations. She is seen as a valued and trusted partner across the system, and elevates us all through her work.”

Last week’s reception also celebrated staff members who reached years-of-service milestones during the 2018-19 fiscal year:

30 years

  • Maria Buerman

25 years

  • Lexie Kelly
  • Michael Lightner

20 years

  • Yuki Busch
  • Debbie Chapman
  • James Dillon
  • Carolyn Donadio
  • Betty Heimansohn
  • Brad Judy
  • Tanya Kelly-Bowry
  • Deborah Keyek-Franssen
  • Catherine McCoy
  • Thuylan Nguyen
  • Karen O’Dell
  • Normandy Roden
  • David Temple

15 years

  • Cordelia Angel
  • Christine Bauder
  • Catherine Beuten
  • Alicia Dandeneau
  • Karyn Hardy
  • Mary Martin
  • David Pierce
  • Heather Retzko
  • Demetria Ross
  • Jennifer Willits
  • Kendra Zafiratos

10 years

  • Larissa Armand
  • Peter Bowers
  • Frances Chapman
  • Jane King
  • Robert Kuehler
  • Jaime Mendez
  • Pravija Prabhakaran
  • Todd Saliman
  • Milap Sharma
  • Melanie Sidwell
  • David Sprouse
  • Heather Tasca
  • Kris Truesdale
  • Cliff Tucker
  • Margaret Wilensky

Five years

  • Adam Alberti-Powell
  • Annie Baccary
  • Ritu Basnyat
  • Christina Beck
  • Joshua Brumley
  • Jennifer Casanova
  • Joseph Ciecior
  • Miranda Clark
  • Tanya Cohen
  • Darlene Crow
  • Phillip Curry
  • Anthony DeCrosta
  • Karen Dreiling
  • Kelli Elmblade
  • Jaimie Henthorn
  • Joanna Hobbins
  • Andrea Holland
  • Jason Hunter
  • Ming-Juan Jung
  • Dennis Lintvedt
  • James Loosley
  • Jeffrey Lutterman
  • Kelly Maden
  • Aaron Mansfield
  • Thomas Martinez
  • Chad Marturano
  • Kristina Mendez
  • Mayank Mittal
  • Katherine O’Connell
  • Johnnie Ray
  • Lu Sillas
  • Kent Springfield
  • Julie Steeler
  • Christopher Toomer
  • Kathryn Wilson
  • Christen Woodburn
  • Jennifer Wunsch