As HCM Workshops wrap up, users turn focus to skills

Test environment, registration now open for guided, in-person computer lab sessions
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With the last HCM Workshop officially underway, users will turn their focus to developing new skills.

Part of the two-year Elevate project, CU will upgrade its existing Human Resources Management System with Human Capital Management (HCM), an Oracle software that will simplify recruitment, payroll, tracking time and more. Rollout is slated for early November.

As workshops wrap up Sept. 30, employees who use this software – called the HCM Community (formerly Business Partners) – can start poking around the new system at Structured Labs and Open Labs, as well as an online training environment.

Elevate project leaders hope HCM Community members participate in all three training opportunities, emphasizing hands-on learning is the best way to prepare for go-live.

Structured and Open Labs guide users through new processes

Employee Services will host 30 Structured Lab sessions across the four campuses and the system offices Oct. 6-29. Lab participants work in an HCM/CU Careers training environment to complete several transactions, including creating positions, hiring employees and making one-time pay transactions. HCM project leaders will lead the training. Learn how to register below.

Following go-live, Employee Services will host Open Lab sessions where users can complete transactions and tasks on site and ask questions about using the system. ES staff will be available at these sessions to troubleshoot errors and hear feedback. A full schedule for Opens Labs is forthcoming.

HCM Training Environment lets users explore new system

HCM project leaders recently launched an HCM test environment or sandbox, which contains scrambled data, no row-level security nor integrations. In other words, the test site looks and works like HCM will in the future, but doesn’t contain real employee information. Employees can explore the site freely, though many functionalities aren’t available in the mock environment.

To access the test site, employees should visit the HCM Training Environment page, click on their campus (or system) and enter their current portal credentials. Once they’ve completed a transaction, employees should fill out this form to provide Employee Services feedback about their experience.

How to register for Structured Labs:

1.Log in to

2.On the right-hand menu, click Training

3.Click Start SkillSoft

4.Click Catalog

5.Click CU Instructor Led Training

6.Click Elevate: HCM Structured Labs

7.Open CU: HCM Structured Labs and click on the small calendar icon in the left corner of the window. It will open a table that displays the dates, times and locations of the workshops.

8.Once you’ve found a session that works for your schedule, click Enroll on the furthest column to the right. You’ll be emailed an enrollment confirmation, which you can link to your Outlook calendar.



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