Five system policy changes take effect this month

New policy addresses hiring retirees to work in staff positions
By Staff

The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) has announced changes to five administrative policy statements (APS) from the areas of academic affairs, fiscal, information technology and human resources.

The changes – four policy revisions and one new policy – were approved by President Bruce Benson and took effect Jan. 1. Also, revisions to APS 1025 Uniform Grading Policy were conditionally approved, pending the outcome of expected campus approvals.

Revised – Effective Jan. 1

  1. APS 1019 – Implementation of Regent Policy on Program Review
  2. APS 1026 – Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs
  3. APS 4018 – Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events
  4. APS 6005 – IT Security Program

New – Effective Jan. 1

  1. APS 5054 – Hiring Retirees to Work in Staff Positions

2 Policies Reviewed, Reformatted – But Not Revised

The following policies were reviewed and reformatted into the new policy template - but did not require any revisions:

  1. APS 1007– Misconduct in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities
  2. APS 1012– Sponsored Research Policies

Revised – Conditionally Approved – Effective Date To Be Determined

  1. APS 1025 – Uniform Grading Policy

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