First Ombuds Day is Oct. 11

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Ombuds Day

The University of Colorado Ombuds Programs join the American Bar Association in celebrating the inaugural Ombuds Day, Oct. 11, 2018.

The American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section has declared the second Thursday of October as Ombuds Day. Please join your campus ombuds in honoring the ombuds profession and developing a shared understanding of the value and services an ombuds provides.

Ombuds Day occurs during Conflict Resolution Month and a week before ABA’s Mediation Week. Please consult the ombuds office on your campus to learn more about events planned to observe and celebrate this newly dedicated day. There also will be an informative celebration at the ABA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Ombuds Day is inclusive of all types of ombuds, ombudsmen and ombudspersons. Ombuds work in and with all types of institutions, including governments, colleges and universities, corporations, nonprofits, hospitals and news organizations. There are many variations or types of ombuds practices, but many share the characteristics of impartiality, independence, confidentiality and informality.

The ABA Dispute Resolution Section Ombuds Committee encourages the use of ombuds programs in all conflict management systems. Ombuds programs provide a safe place to raise issues early and without fear of retaliation. This in turn enhances governance, ethics, and risk-management strategies, contributing to the overall well-being and functionality of public and private organizations, governments and the public.

At the University of Colorado, each of the four campuses has an organizational ombuds program to help faculty, staff and students discuss, address and surface university-related concerns.

Ombuds Day activities at CU:

Ombuds Offices at the University of Colorado will launch a joint-effort blog for all faculty, students, and staff. There will also be an open house on the Boulder campus to celebrate the occasion and welcome others to learn more about their services.

Thursday October 11th:

CU Boulder:

Ombuds Office Open House
Center for Community, N440
10 a.m.-noon

CU Anschutz:

Table with Ombuds
Location TBD
9 a.m.-11 a.m.

CU Denver:

Table with Ombuds
Lynx Center
1-3 p.m.

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