Faculty in focus with latest Regents laws and policies review

Article 5, Policy 5 pertain to academic freedom, grievances, more
By Staff

The ongoing review of Board of Regents laws and policies continues this fall with Article 5 and Policy 5, which are pertinent to all faculty.

Article 5 and Policy 5 detail appointment and evaluation, principles of academic freedom, faculty government, dismissal for cause and grievances.

The review process for Article 5 and Policy 5 will include:

  • A 60-day period for comments and feedback on the proposed conceptual changes in the principles, goals and possible reorganization of the Article 5 and Policy 5 concerning faculty; and
  • A first draft of specific proposed revisions to Article 5-Faculty and Policy 5-Faculty will be shared with faculty governance and posted on the public website by Dec. 8 for review and comment.

The review of academic policies is being led by Michael Lightner, vice president for academic affairs.

The systemwide review of Regent laws and policies is being led by Patrick O’Rourke, vice president, university counsel and secretary of the board, in coordination with Leonard Dinegar, senior vice president and chief of staff.

The process, similar to the one over the past several years that reduced the number of administrative policies from 210 to 88, aims to:

  • evaluate the structure of policies
  • simplify and consolidate where appropriate
  • update to conform to best practices and/or statutory requirements
  • rescind those no longer needed or addressed in Administrative Policy Statements
  • better align with systemwide APS and campus policies

Changes eventually are advanced to the Board of Regents, which – as part of the formal review of all Regent Laws and Policies – earlier this month approved recommended actions to the following laws and policies; all changes took effect Sept. 7, except as noted:


1) Policy 2.C:  Regent Committees

2) Article 3:  Officers of the University and Administration (Previously titled, Officers and University Staff)

3) Policy 3:  Officers of the University and Administration

  • Except for the search sections for the new Policy 3.C and Policy 3.D which are still pending review and approval.

4) Article 6:  Staff

5) Policy 6:  University and Classified Staff (Previously titled, Staff)

  • Except for new Policy 6.B (currently Policy 3.F), which is still pending review and approval.

Keep As Is/Clean-Up Only:

1) Article 13:  Business and Finance

  • Except for section 13.A Finance, which is still pending review and approval.

2) Policy 13.C:  Approval of the University Risk and Insurance Management Program

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