Faculty Council seeking officer nominations

Three posts will be elected at April 26 meeting
By Staff

The University of Colorado Faculty Council is seeking nominations for officers, three positions that will be voted on at the April 26 meeting.

The posts are chair, vice chair and secretary. Nominations for each of these positions were requested at the February and March meetings of the council, and will be “received up to and during the annual organizational meeting” (bylaws of the Faculty Senate of the University of Colorado III.C.7.)

Nominations may be sent to Skip Hamilton, secretary of the Faculty Council, at  Skip.Hamilton@Colorado.Edu or to Patricia Strating, recording secretary and former administrative assistant for the Faculty Council, at

General descriptions of the responsibilities may be found at the below links:

  1. Faculty Senate Constitution:  Article III. Section  A. Sections 2, 3. And Sections B.C.D.E.
  2. Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of the University of Colorado: Article III.A – particularly sections  A.III.2. and A.III.3


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