Explore higher ed trends, technology at ‘Propelling CU’s Mission Today and Tomorrow’

Event will drive ideas, innovation, strategic planning across CU
By Staff

The University of Colorado invites you to a new annual event exploring higher education trends with Gartner Research.

“Propelling CU’s Mission Today and Tomorrow,” a virtual event, is set for 9-10 a.m. July 27.

CU leadership, faculty, administrative and learning professionals are invited to gather for a discussion on trends in higher education and technology, and how these trends affect CU’s mission and ongoing success.

Topics for the discussion include:

  • Classroom technology and collaboration tools
  • Continuing education and workforce development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Marketing and branding
  • Enrollment changes
  • Alternative credentials

CU’s partner Gartner Research will present on why these trends are vital to higher education, highlighting the technology available today and in the future to propel CU’s mission.

Why you should attend

While attending the event is optional for faculty and staff, CU would greatly appreciate and benefit from your attendance. The event is an opportunity to drive ideas and innovation, enabling future university-wide IT governance strategic planning.

There will be another opportunity with similar content in mid-September, date to be determined, if you are unable to attend the July discussion.

Please register for the July event using the link below:

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