Employee Services sets Fall Financial Expos for October

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Employee Services Expo
It’s going to be a very money-minded October for CU employees.

Amid the really fun parts of this monthlong financial focus (online quizzes, gift giveaways, etc.) will be a valuable centerpiece: you, face-to-face, with experts who can help you set course on the financial path that meets your needs.

Employee Services’ Fall Financial Expos, Oct. 20-27 on each CU campus and in the system building, cater to employees in all walks of financial life. Stressing about student loan payments? Want a better understanding of the features of your retirement plan? Need guidance to help you through your last few years of retirement planning? The expos will serve up this and much more information.

Oh, and did we mention you could win an iPad just for participating in our three expo areas?:

1. Dollars & Sense Market
Toss out the taboo of publicly speaking about money matters at this market, designed to give employees an open space to seek out financial experts, payroll and benefits professionals, credit union partners and campus program representatives.

2. Preparing to Retire Talks
Employee Services has joined forces with its retirement investment partners to present key information to employees within three years of retiring. Talks cater to both PERA participants and members of CU’s 401(a) Retirement Plan.

3. Money Talks
These talks tackle common financial issues facing many employees, including rebuilding or maintaining your credit score, understanding what it means to be a member of PERA or CU’s 401(a) retirement plans, and how to manage student loan payments.   

Get warmed up…and win.
On Wednesday, Oct. 1, Employee Services and TIAA-CREF are kicking off “Square Up Your Savings,” a series of 10 online quizzes that test your knowledge of CU retirement plans, the effects of inflation, the cost of living across the United States and many more useful topics. For each of the 10 sessions you complete, you’ll earn a digital square that you’ll be prompted to place on an online map that contains 50 hidden prizes. If your square is placed atop one of these prizes, you’ll win a $50 gift check from TIAA-CREF.

Employees will receive an email announcing the quiz, which will run through Thursday, Oct. 30. This gives you ample time to complete each of the sessions, plenty of chances to win and enough time to get in the right money mindset for an expo.

Space is limited for the Money Talks and Preparing to Retire sessions. So register today for an expo at


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