Off-cycle policy changes in place

Most recent revisions took effect earlier this month
By Staff

The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) has summarized recent changes to eight system administrative policy statements (APS) from the areas of academic/research, human resources, administrative/general, and facilities – which became effective upon the final approval of President Bruce Benson.

Three academic APSs, which were provisionally approved in December, were given final approval by the president in January to become effective Feb. 1. These remaining APSs were reviewed and approved during off-cycle approvals (other than Jan. 1 or July 1) due to unique timing issues requiring these to be in place before the next normal policy cycle would allow.  The actions and effective dates are as follows:

Final Approvals for Jan. 1, 2012 (Provisional Approvals)

  • APS 1008-Procedures for the Establishment of Centers, Institutes, Laboratories and Bureaus (Effective Feb. 1)
  • APS 1017-Procedures for Implementing Regent Actions on Distinguished Professorships (Effective Feb. 1)
  • APS 1023-Restricted, Proprietary and Classified Research (Effective Feb. 1)

Action on Feb. 24, 2012:

  • APS 5016 – Faculty Retirement Agreements (Effective Feb. 24)

Action on March 8, 2012:

  • APS 5024-Tuition Assistance Benefit (Effective March 8 )
  • APS 2006-Retention of University Records (Effective April 1)
  • APS 1021-Faculty Development and Mentoring (Effective April 1)
  • APS 3002-Capital Construction Planning and Projects (Effective April 1)

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