CU System Office fully reopens to the public on Monday

Departments to begin hybrid work schedules at 1800 Grant St. in Denver
By Staff

The University of Colorado’s System Administration Office will fully reopen to the public on Monday, Feb. 28.

System Administration departments will implement hybrid work schedules, with most employee schedules comprising a mix of in-person and remote work.

For anyone visiting 1800 Grant St. in Denver, there are a few key requirements to bear in mind.

First, check with your point of contact to make sure they — or their department — will be working on-site the day you plan to visit. Anyone who is not vaccinated for COVID-19 will not be working on site.

Second, anyone entering the building must submit a health attestation the day of their visit.

Masks will not be required, but a supply of KN95 masks will be available at the front desk for those who wish to use them. We ask that visitors show courtesy in carrying a mask with them and be willing to put it on if asked.

The building at 1800 Grant St. closed in March 2020 and moved to fully remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last 23 months, the CU System Administration office has undertaken logistical and structural changes to facilitate hybrid work. These changes include reservable hoteling workstations, hybrid meeting technology and more.