CU Campus and Workplace Culture Survey launches in October

Systemwide assessment will inform actions around diversity, equity and inclusion
By Staff

CU Campus and Workplace Culture Survey launch underway

UPDATED Oct. 12 with individual campus dates of survey launch.

The University of Colorado’s systemwide 2021 Campus and Workplace Culture (CWC) Survey – aimed at assessing the academic, work and residential environments at CU – will open mid-October and close mid-November.

Through the confidential survey, CU faculty, staff and students will be able to provide insights into the extent to which they feel respected, supported and valued. Survey responses will be anonymous, with data aggregated to protect individual responses.

Survey results will help identify strengths and areas of concern related to the existing culture, and will provide benchmark data for each of the campuses and system administration. Insights from survey findings will guide and inform CU’s efforts to build and sustain a more just, equitable and inclusive culture across CU.

The survey provides an important opportunity for members of the CU community to share their experiences and realities in the academic, work and residential environments. The last 18 months have been unprecedented and presented unique challenges across the CU community. Mental health and wellness will be among the feedback topics, along with people’s sense of belonging, experiences of incivility and microaggressions, academic and workplace culture, norms, protected-class harassment (including sexual harassment) and discrimination.

Administrators stress the importance of reaching the highest response rate possible to ensure the collection of good quality data that is representative and actionable.

Survey administration, assessment and development of next steps will be overseen individually by each of the four campuses and system administration.

After results are available, action plans will be developed to direct next steps at the campus level. Progress will be monitored through metrics, action plans and future survey administration.

Learn more about the survey administration at each campus:

Survey administration at CU system

The system Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and system Office of Institutional Research (IR) are collaboratively administering the survey for system employees. Between now and October, the system survey planning team – consisting of the DEI, IR and Human Resources offices will present at department meetings to share more information about the survey and answer questions.

System administration employees on Oct. 15 will receive an email with a unique link to complete the survey, which will close on Nov. 12.

In the meantime, system employees are asked to please ensure your information is up to date in the employee portal, as this will help ensure good and accurate data collection:

  • Log-in to the portal:
  • Go to “My Info and Pay”
  • Select “My Info” tile
  • Review and update your information

Click here for more step-by-step instructions on how to update your information.