CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery Fund now over $141,000

Fundraising continues, as need exceeds available funds
Flood Resources

A CU-Boulder student helps clear debris Saturday during volunteer efforts to help flood victims. (Photo: Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

More than 1,000 donors so far have contributed over $141,000 in the last nine days to the CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery Fund, representing a strong and compassionate response to the needs of CU-Boulder students, faculty, and staff in the wake of this month’s historic Colorado flood.

For a high proportion of donors, their CU disaster-recovery gift represents their first gift to the university. Many donors have indicated that their CU-Boulder recovery gift is in addition to gifts made to other relief organizations such as United Way and the Red Cross.

“I’ve been so impressed by the fortitude shown by the CU-Boulder community,” commented one donor, referencing a CU staff acquaintance whose own basement had filled with mud yet came in to work on critical campus recovery efforts.

Fundraising for the Disaster Recovery Fund continues: The documented need – now well into six figures – continues to exceed the available funds. Nearly 100 students continue to require temporary housing in area hotels; hundreds have required supplemental funding for meals, textbooks and other essentials.

To contribute to the CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery Fund, click here.

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