Changes to 15 system policies take effect this month

Three new policies in place as of July 1
By Staff

The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) has announced changes to 15 administrative policy statements (APS) from the areas of academic affairs, administration and general, fiscal, information technology and human resources – including three policy rescissions, nine policy revisions and three new policies.

These changes, approved by President Bruce Benson, became effective July 1, 2014.  For more detailed information, go to


  1. APS 1003 – Post Tenure Review
  2. APS 1004 – Guidelines for the Separation of Multi-Campus Schools and Colleges
  3. APS 1011 – Professional Plan for Faculty


  1. APS 1006 – Differentiated Annual Workloads for Faculty
  2. APS 1025 – Uniform Grading Policy
  3. APS 2022 – Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)
  4. APS 7001 – Insurance and Indemnification Requirements for Use of Facilities by Non-University Groups
  5. APS 2003 – External Audit Notification and Reporting (Formerly Coordination of Audits)
  6. APS 5016 – Faculty Retirement Agreements
  7. APS 5024 – Tuition Assistance Benefit
  8. APS 2008 – Electronic Signatures and Transactions (Formerly Electronic Signatures and Records)
  9. APS 6002 – Electronic Communication (Formerly Use of Electronic Mail)


  1. APS 4058 – Budget and Net Position Internal Reporting
  2. APS 4060 – Crowdfunding
  3. APS 5055 – HIPAA Hybrid Entity Designation

Additional APS Revision Expected to be Approved

Following discussion at the June 20, 2014, TEAM Meeting, the Office of Policy and Efficiency was asked to work with Academic Affairs and the campuses to review some additional revisions proposed to Appendix B in APS1022 - Standards, Processes and Procedures for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, Post-Tenure Review and Promotion.  The final decision and action on this policy, including the changes to Appendix B, will be announced soon.

For more information on system policies, go to:

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