Call for nominations: Elizabeth D. Gee Memorial Lectureship Award

Deadline is Jan. 15
By Staff

The Women’s Committee of the CU Faculty Council requests nominations for 2019 Elizabeth D. Gee Memorial Lectureship Award. Deadline is Jan. 15, 2020.

The Gee Award is the only award in the CU system that specifically recognizes outstanding work on women’s issues and a concerted effort to advance women in the academy. It carries with it a $1,000 cash prize, and the recipient is invited to present a lecture at the 18th Annual CU Women Succeeding Professional Development Symposium, to be held March 6, 2020, at CU Denver. Dorothy Horrell, CU Denver chancellor, will be the keynote speaker.

Founded in 1993, the award recognizes outstanding faculty for their:

  • Efforts to advance women in academia beyond her/his/their own department;
  • Significant and original scholarship and/or creative work;
  • Interdisciplinary scholarly contributions;
  • Distinguished teaching.

Eligibility: Any full-time faculty member from any of the four campuses who has been with the university at least five years with satisfactory evaluations is eligible for nomination.

  • The nominator need not be in the same department or campus as the nominee.
  • Collaborative nominations are encouraged.
  • Self-nominations are not acceptable.

Nomination, preparation and submission guidelines:

  • A completed, one-page nomination form is attached and submitted with the final nomination package. The nomination form can also be accessed here:
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae prepared by the nominee (not more than two pages in length), and can be limited to the most recent five years of the nominee’s career.
  • List of accomplishments. The list should be prepared using bullet sections; complete sentences are not required. It briefly highlights the nominee’s record of superior accomplishments, including how the accomplishments of the individual are reflective of the institution, college and department missions. The summary of accomplishments may not exceed two pages in length.
  • A minimum of three letters of support from the university community and the extended academic community.

Format for submitting nomination materials:

  • You must electronically submit the nominating packet as a single PDF file using the label in lastname.pdf to for the nomination to be considered.
  • For questions about submissions, please email: