Bollard continuing as VP for academic affairs

She’ll rejoin CU Denver faculty on part-time basis
By Staff
Kathleen Bollard, vice president for academic affairs

Kathleen Bollard, vice president for academic affairs

Kathleen Bollard will remain as the vice president for academic affairs in system administration after President Bruce Benson asked her to take on a modified role rather than return to teaching and research full time, which she originally planned.

Bollard agreed to serve half time in her current role, which will add an associate vice president to assist, with duties and FTE to be determined. She will return to CU Denver to teach and research the remainder of the time.

Benson said that while the search for a successor yielded some good candidates, he was concerned that none had significant experience in two critical roles: working in a system office or with state-level governing entities such as the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

“Kathleen has done great work in key areas and I have come to rely on her to a significant degree,” Benson said. “She is not only a key member of my leadership team, but also has the skill and experience to deal with complex and often-intertwined academic issues.”

He said he also relies on her to advise him on a variety of academic matters and to work with colleague higher education institutions in Colorado and nationally.

“I appreciate that the president has enough confidence in my work to ask me to stay on, but also that he is flexible enough to allow me to return to my passion – teaching and research,” Bollard said.

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