Board of Regents drafts university mission statement

By Staff

The CU Board of Regents drafted a mission statement and guiding principles for the University of Colorado system at its retreat last week, taking a step toward filling a longstanding void and helping provide direction for campus strategic plan refinements.

While each campus has a mission and vision statement as part of its strategic plans, the system as a whole has lacked one. The regents have long had the desire to develop a mission statement, but the demands of their regular meetings have not provided the opportunity to have a full discussion of the issue, said board Chairman Steve Bosley (R-Broomfield).

"One of the board's primary responsibilities is to set broad strategic direction for the university and allow the campuses to determine within their strategic plans how we will achieve our mission," Bosley said. "The retreat gave the board the opportunity to work with the president and chancellors to articulate that direction."

The regents will discuss and consider adopting the mission statement and guiding principles at a fall meeting.
CU President Bruce Benson has asked campus leadership to revise their strategic plans because the poor economy has drastically altered the landscape since they were first developed.

"We have to continue to aspire to be a great university while recognizing the constraints of the economic environment that is the worst any of us has seen," Benson said. "We need to reach, but we also need to be realistic."
Benson has asked the chancellors to develop revised plans by the fall.