Three CU business school deans celebrate alumni at landmark event

By Staff
Three CU business school deans celebrate alumni at landmark event

The deans of CU’s three business schools recently took part in the first tri-campus business alumni networking event at CU Denver. From left, David L. Ikenberry, CU-Boulder; Sueann Ambron, CU Denver; and Venkat Reddy, UCCS.

The three University of Colorado business schools (Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver) recently celebrated a landmark occasion, the first Tri-Campus Business Alumni Networking Event. It was the first time the three CU business alumni offices collaborated to bring together alumni from all the schools for networking, learning and fun.

More than 100 alumni attended the networking session at CU Denver and learned a new approach to executive networking during executive networking expert Molly Wendell’s presentation. Attendees mixed and mingled with alumni from one another’s schools, expanding their networks and exploring opportunities.

“It’s very exciting to have all these alums present and to have all the deans and faculty. It’s a first,” said Sueann Ambron, dean of the CU Denver Business School. “And all in the right direction.”

Venkat Reddy, dean of the UCCS College of Business, said he hopes the event is just the first of many. “We could not only help each other build successful futures, but also help our local communities and the state prosper.”

Attendees enjoyed the presentation by Wendell, author, blogger, professional speaker and CEO of Executives Network. Her irreverent style and rule-breaking approach was entertaining, eye-opening and informative. Among her tips: Networking isn’t about you; it’s always about the other person. Don’t give out your business card unless asked for it. Always carry a Sharpie – in case you need to label your own name tag.

Among the group was Sam Henry, a UCCS business student, who attended for the networking experience. “This was a fantastic educational opportunity as I learned so many tips from the sensational Molly Wendell,” he said. “Jobs don't come knocking, and networking is the primary way to obtain your dream job.”

Josiah Reich, a CU-Boulder graduate, said he attended to network and make connections. His company will be hiring in the next couple of months and he hoped to meet potential candidates.

To follow up on the success of this event, the CU business alumni offices plan to hold two tri-campus events each year, with the next one to be held in Colorado Springs. The alumni directors believe it’s a great way to continue to build community among CU alumni.

Lisa Hives, a CU Denver graduate, summed it up: “One of the greatest things about CU is the connections you make. This is the place where we started. As alums, we have an immediate network and help each other out.”