Professor trains Minnesotans in health impact assessment

By Staff


Kevin J. Krizek, University of Colorado Denver associate professor of planning and design, director of the Active Communities/Transportation (ACT) Research Group and director of the Ph.D. program in design and planning, delivered an all-day training on Health Impact Assessment for Arden Hills, Minn., on April 16. The training, to prepare a Rapid Assessment HIA, was part of ongoing work with Minnesota Department of Health in St. Paul and was based on products from the multiple-award-winning Design for Health Project, completed with Ann Forsyth (Cornell) and Carissa Schively Slotterback (Minnesota), and provides communities with the foundation and knowledge necessary to weave HIAs into their work.

Krizek also was the featured speaker at the annual symposium for the interdisciplinary doctoral program in design and planning at the University of Washington. The symposium, Charting Our Future by Reflecting on Our Past, was conducted April 22-23 to provide students with perspectives on education, tools of the trade and learning and networking opportunities for students.