Landscape architecture faculty make strong showing at national conference

By Staff

The department of landscape architecture at the University of Colorado Denver had a strong presence at the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) conference in Los Angeles March 30-April 2.

Lois Brink, professor, and Bambi Yost, Ph.D. student in design and planning and also an assistant professor at Iowa State, participated in a panel titled "Drawing on Children's Ideas of Nature." Joseph Juhász, professor emeritus of architecture; Joern Langhorst, assistant professor of landscape architecture; Austin Allen of Louisiana State University (formerly chair and associate professor of landscape architecture); and Susan Gunn, Ph.D. student in design and planning, presented a panel titled "Framing Place Change: Film, Design and Planning in the Post-Apocalyptic Landscape." Individual presentations included Langhorst's "The Ruins of Nature and Culture: Urban Voids as Contested Terrains and Critical Infrastructure"; Kathleen Kambic, instructor in landscape architecture studies, "Hydrologic Currency: Reclaiming the Fundamental Armature of Cities"; Yost, "Benefits of Gardening for Denver Latino and Latina Youth"; and Joni Palmer, lecturer in landscape architecture, "The Importance of the 'Slow Read' - as a Method of Inquiry and Way of Knowing."