Jenson appointed AVC for Research at CU Denver

By Staff

JensonMichael Jenson, associate professor of architecture and associate dean of Academic Affairs for the College of Architecture and Planning at CU Denver, has been appointed assistant vice chancellor for Research and Creative Activities. He joins Associate Vice Chancellor Bob Damrauer in offices on the third floor of the Lawrence Street Center.

This part-time role will focus on promoting research beyond natural and social sciences. Jenson will remain as CAP associate dean for 80 percent of his time, which continues to be a 12-month appointment.

Jenson holds a bachelor of science degree in architecture from the University of Texas, Arlington, a master’s in architecture from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh.

His teaching and research explore innovative interdisciplinary dialogues that are transforming design practice, the relationship between architecture and philosophy, and the creation of distinct cultural identity in the wake of globalization. He has published in journals such as “Open House International,” “Drain Magazine,” “The Journal of Architecture,” “The Journal of Utopian Studies,”  and “MONU” (“Magazine on Urbanism”), as well as contributed to the books “Design Studio Pedagogy: Horizons for the Future and Global Media, Culture, and Identity.” His most recent publication is a book entitled “Mapping the Global Architect of Alterity: Practice, Representation and Education.”