Instructors’ resource-conserving neighborhood featured in book

By Staff
Zero Carbon Homes: A Road Map

Zero Carbon Homes: A Road Map

David Kahn, a senior instructor in landscape architecture studies, and Michael Tavel, senior instructor in architectural studies, at CU Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning have had their Geos Net-Zero Energy Neighborhood featured in detail in a new book titled “Zero Carbon Homes: A Road Map.” The book, published by Routledge and available on Amazon, provides a thorough analysis and comparison of five resource-conserving neighborhood design:  Geos in Arvada, BedZED in London, Vauban Sonnenschiff in Freiburg,B001 in Malmo, and Hammarby Sjostad in Stockholm, Sweden. The author, Jo Williams, is director of the Sustainable Urbanism Masters Programme at University College London.

Tavel also has created and run an after-school program in environmental literacy that is featured in this month’s Architect Colorado magazine, “Turning the Classroom Inside-Out.” In its second year, the "Green Neighborhood Class" is taught by parents who are architects, donating their time in order to provide a diversity of environmental experiences to public elementary school students at Academia Ana Marie Sandoval in Denver.  Other architect parents who have helped Michael teach this course include University of Colorado Denver CAP graduates Kevin Anderson, Greg Sader, and Scott Sturgis.