Dropping names ...

By Staff

Clark M. Thenhaus, a lecturer in architecture at the University of Colorado Denver, is a category winner in the d3 Housing Tomorrow 2011 international architectural design competition, in the Single Family/Modular category. His Farm House has an elastic skin that collects, stores and distributes water to irrigation infrastructures. The elastic skin swells and shrinks relative to water intake, thus indexing the hydrological cycles and creating a changing building form and texture. Visit the d3 Housing Tomorrow website. ... The department of landscape architecture at the University of Colorado Denver was represented among the design sessions last week at the ProGreen Expo in Denver: John Lanterman, instructor, presented "Urban Agriculture Trends and Opportunities," Robby Layton, lecturer, presented "Landscapes and Community Health," and Leila Tolderlund, instructor, presented "Living Wall Design in Colorado." ... David Schmidt, professor emeritus in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, recently published "Modern Flight Dynamics" (McGraw-Hill) a text for senior-level undergraduates and first-year graduate students in aerospace and mechanical engineering.