Dropping names …

By Staff

The School of Medicine’s Foundations of Doctoring program and the Office of Community-Based Medical Education held their annual award banquet last week to bestow the Golden Stethoscope awards. The awards help medical students show their gratitude for the time and dedication of their preceptors. The Golden Stethoscope Awardees in 2015 are: Tracy Cushing, Emergency Medicine; Suzanne C. Nash, Family Medicine; Christopher Courtney, Internal Medicine Preceptor; Asela Russell, OB/GYN; David Burrows, Patient/Physician Communication Skills; Margarita Guarin, Pediatric Preceptor;  Denise Damek, Physical Exam Skills; Dennis Lyu, Role Model; Patrick Fernandez, Best Specialty Preceptor; Steven Lowenstein, Kris Wenzel Award; and Ben Honigman, Foundations of Doctoring Faculty Choice Award.

Regina Richards, director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the School of Medicine, is featured in a “Philanthropy at Work” article posted recently on the CU Foundation website. Richards established a memorial fund to support research at the CU Cancer Center after her husband, Michael, died in 2014.