Dropping names …

By Anonymous

More than 50 classified and professional exempt staff members were recognized with 2015 service awards on May 13 during the spring staff luncheon at UCCS. The award recipients are:

5 years of service

  • Garrett Swasey, police officer, Department of Public Safety;
  • Scott Switzer, instructional designer, Faculty Resource Center;
  • David Walker, equipment operator, Department of Public Safety;
  • Tracy Parks, educational technologist, College of Business;
  • Charles Kuehler, program coordinator, Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center;
  • Vanessa Ea, admissions counselor, Admissions Counseling and Student Recruitment;
  • Richard Wesselhoff, security, Department of Public Safety;
  • Robert McGann, grounds and nursery, Facilities Services;
  • Homer Wesley, vice chancellor, Student Success and Enrollment Management;
  • Megan Bell, executive director, Auxiliary Community and Learning Initiatives; and Carley Ries, director, Campus Wide Extended Studies.

10 years of service

  • Jaime McMullen Garcia, executive director of development, University Advancement;
  • Brooke Allen, document management and data quality assurance specialist, Financial Aid and Student Employment;
  • Debora MacDonald, program assistant, Communication Department;
  • Jacqueline Hatfield, director for finance and operations, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences;
  • Shadwin Harder, IT professional, Kraemer Family Library;
  • Marcus Davis, LTC operations, Facilities Services;
  • Robyn Marschke, director, Institutional Research and Assessment;
  • Brent Wallace, laboratory coordinator and lecturer, Biology Department;
  • Kimberly Sanders, senior financial aid counselor, Financial Aid and Student Employment;
  • Bill Bannister, senior academic advisor, Academic Advising;
  • Julie Brewster, controllor, Resource Management Division;
  • Laura Baur, financial administrator, College of Engineering and Applied Science;0
  • Sandra Loux, program assistant, College of Business;
  • Luis Young, IT professional, Information Technology;
  • Emanuelita Martinez, program assistant, Mathematics Department;
  • Keith Valentine, structural trades, Facilities Services; and
  • Andreanna Romero, conference consultant and business specialist, University Center.

15 years of service

  • Diane Dickerson, business services senior professional, University Advancement;
  • Amy Sutz, assistant director for compliance, Financial Aid and Student Employment;
  • Ruth Jackson, program assistant, Biology Department;
  • Christopher Duval, director of Degree Audit and Transfer Credit;
  • Anthony Cordova program director of Student Multicultural Affairs & Outreach;
  • Cynthia Hudgins, custodian, Facilities Services;
  • David DuBois, program assistant, Psychology Department; and
  • Phil Trujillo, director of golf and head men’s golf coach, Intercollegiate Athletics.

20 years of service

  • Debbie Lapioli, program manager, Administration and Finance;
  • Sharon Coddington, sales manager, Bookstore;
  • Sandra Harness, senior financial aid counselor, Financial Aid and Student Employment;and
  • Drew Martorella, executive director, UCCS Presents.

25 years of service

  • Gayanne Scott, assistant vice chancellor for finance and human resources, Administration and Finance, and
  • Andrea Williams, program assistant, Psychology Department.

30 years of service

  • Connie Pitman, lab coordinator, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.