Director of student information system replacement project earns kudos

By Staff

Kari Branjord, executive director of the University of Colorado's MetamorphoSIS project, was named Applications Implementer of the Year by Oracle Magazine. The bimonthly publication of leading business software company Oracle is distributed to more than 550,000 top IT managers, database administrators and developers.

With MetamorphoSIS, Branjord is leading the replacement of the university's outdated student information system with a new $50 million system that uses several Oracle products.

Oracle Magazine presents annual Editors' Choice Awards to people who exemplify leadership, vision and dedication in working with and managing Oracle technology.

In a profile in the November/December issue, Branjord said implementing better technology is about improving the lives of the 80,000 students, faculty and staff throughout the university's campuses.

"From the beginning of the project, we've been focused on creating and implementing a new footprint for higher education information technology," Branjord told the magazine. "With this footprint in place, we can use our internal resources to better meet the needs of students, administration, staff and faculty in ways that are both innovative and efficient."