Charles takes key service role at Anschutz Medical Campus

By Staff

Betty Charles has been named director of Educational Support Services (ESS) at the Anschutz Medical Campus. She has been serving on an interim basis in that role since the retirement of Jim Huff at the end of 2010.

Charles began her career at the university in 1972 with the Faculty Practice Fund -- a previous structure of what is now University Physicians Inc. After that she worked in the Registrar’s Office, and then was an executive assistant in the administrative areas of ambulatory care, nursing and hospital operations. From 1995 to 2003, Charles was administrative director for the TeleHealth/TeleEducation Program. She joined the ESS group as associate director in 2003.

With a staff of 18 professionals, ESS provides a wide range of services for the Anschutz Medical Campus and in facilities managed by the university on the Denver campus. Those services include electronic media support in classrooms, room scheduling for the Anschutz Medical Campus, audio and video recording, production and associated equipment management.

As the director, Charles’ goal is to continue to provide excellent and timely centralized technical and logistical support for the three-part mission (education, patient care, and research) as well as university community services for both the Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses.

“We obviously are in a challenging economic time while the technologies for what we teach, when we need to use the technologies, and where we need to access technologies are ever changing and critical to our future,” Charles said. “It is my desire that Educational Support Services provide a variety of services through solutions and devices that enhance the quality and facilitate effective educational interactions between faculty, staff and students, using videoconferencing, web conferencing, classroom recording, and audio-visual support.”