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Republicans hear from CU Regent candidates

Heidi Ganahl and Sue Sharkey were guest speakers at the Logan County Lunch the Republican Way Thursday. Both Republicans, Ganahl and Sharkey are seeking election to the University of Colorado...

South Platte Sentinel

Dalai Lama regales Coloradans, urges compassion, “global sensibility”

Tibet’s Dalai Lama built his case for a happier, friendlier world in sold-out appearances Thursday at the University of Colorado, urging deeper self-study and compassion as remedies to...

The Denver Post

UCCS program to highlight need and techniques for good sleep

According to Michele Okun, health researcher at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, a single night of shortened or poor-quality slumber can compromise an individual's mood and...

The Gazette

Cost-conscious CU bucks the administrative myth

The common narrative in the national dialogue about why the cost of a college education is high often points to a single culprit: administrative bloat. The story goes that an overabundance of high...


Arctic's melting ice creates vicious warming circle

Arctic sea ice hit a record low in May as scientists discovered the first-ever link between melting ice in Greenland and a phenomenon known to warm the area faster than the rest of the ...

USA Today

The sobering thing doctors do when they die

In "How Doctors Die," a powerful essay that went viral in 2011, a physician described how his colleagues meet the end: They go gently. At the end of life, they avoid the mistakes —...

The Washington Post

CU-Boulder natural history museum seeks new storage for mammal specimens

The University of Colorado's Natural History Museum has more than 16,000 mammal specimens, used by researchers all over the world to study climate change, disease and genetics. But storage for...

Daily Camera

State’s investment in higher education pays big dividends

Over the past couple of weeks, the University of Colorado’s four campuses have been sending our latest graduates into the world. Commencement is the best time of year at our university. I have...

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

What is altitude sickness and why is it so dangerous?

Robert Roach, director of the Altitude Research Center and associate professor of emergency medicine at the CU School of Medicine: “Twenty-five percent of people who go to summit country will get...

CBS News

Top Ten Colorado Colleges for Value

Now, SmartAsset is getting even more Colorado-centric. The site has revealed its picks for the ten best Colorado colleges for value, and while the top choice is no shock (...


University of Colorado calculating cost of Obama administration's new overtime rules

The Obama administration's new overtime rules could be costly for U.S. colleges and universities, who will now need to pay overtime to some post-doctoral researchers, athletic coaches, admissions...

Daily Camera

A Colorado Composer On The Music That Made Him A Pulitzer Finalist

Carter Pann, who has taught composition at the CU-Boulder since 2005, talked with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel about his music, his inspirations and his next move after recognition from the...

Colorado Public Radio

CU-Boulder getting rid of computer kiosk stations, citing low usage

Removing the kiosks should save CU at least $75,000 in replacement, refurbishment and administrative costs. "Students, faculty, staff — we didn't all have something to check the internet and email...

Daily Camera

Miracle drug trial saved woman's life

Shortly thereafter, she learned about the clinical study at CU Cancer Center into Crizotinib for those with ROS1 Rearranged Lung Cancer." Janet has a specific sub-type of lung cancer which was was...

9 News

UCCS awards about 1,400 degrees in 2 commencement ceremonies

About 1,000 graduates of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs attended one of two commencement ceremonies held Friday at The Broadmoor World Arena. About 1,400 degrees were awarded in...

The Gazette

Scholarship program aims to help keep college grads working in Colorado Springs

A fundraising campaign to support a scholarship program for area students has been launched by El Paso County, Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The...

The Gazette

CU-Boulder field school lets students explore mountains, plains with art

A dozen or so University of Colorado students are about to embark on an epic three-week road trip — for class. The students are enrolled in a course known as "The Art and Rural Environments Field...

Daily Camera

UCHealth system joins forces with CSU health programs in Fort Collins

The UCHealth system is expanding on a rival campus, setting the stage for a possible medical-school branch at Colorado State University.

The Denver Post

These CU-Boulder students want to design a bike for obese people

Robert Foster weighed 330 pounds in 2012. Today, he weighs 170 pounds. That weight-loss journey inspired Foster, 34, to go back to school and work toward earning a bachelor's degree at the...

Daily Camera

CU system reaping the benefits of massive open online courses

The University of Colorado is starting to see some revenue from the free, massive open online courses it offers to the world through the website Coursera.

Daily Camera

CU-Boulder wraps up work on $112M sustainability, environment complex

Faculty and graduate students are nearly all moved in to the new $112 million Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex, also known as SEEC, on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus.

Daily Camera