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UCCS will offer two new degrees this fall

Colorado Springs Business Journal

‘Voices’ conference covers wide range of issues for rural Colorado

University of Colorado President Todd Saliman spoke about education options available in rural Colorado through the CU system. When asked about the relationship between the state’s major...

Sterling Journal-Advocate

Here's what you need to know about the supply chain

Impacts from the supply chain and inflation will be present for a while, and not just on store shelves, that's according to Scott Van Ness, an instructor at the University of Colorado Colorado...


US History classes often don't tell the full story in the eyes of BIPOC communities; parents explain why that can be harmful

"The United States was a territory inhabited by Indigenous people and then there were European settlers who came, colonized, and formed a government. That’s just a fact, you can have feelings...

9 News

CU, NOAA researching air quality in Marshall Fire area

Researchers with the University of Colorado and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are investigating how smoke and ash from the Marshall Fire are affecting air quality in and near...

9 News

Colorado Springs economist weighs in on inflation surge

“It’s multifaceted, that's a part of the problem," said Tatiana Bailey, Director of the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs Economic Forum. "And that's much of the reason that I've been...


Nearly 30 percent of Coloradans testing for COVID right now are positive as omicron spreads

“Now is not the time to take risks,” said Dr. Eric Poeschla, chief of infectious diseases at CU's School of Medicine. That means being vaccinated and boosted, wearing a well-fitting N95 mask and...


CU Study: ‘Blade Runner’ Prosthesis Gives Amputee Sprinters No Clear Advantage Over Non-Amputee Runners

“A lot of assumptions have been made about running prostheses and performance with no data to support them,” said senior author Alena Grabowski, associate professor of integrative physiology at CU...


New center in Colorado Springs offers sports medicine, performance, academics to public

Such conclusions, however, are reductive—and dangerous—interpretations of the science, says Dr. Neil Box, a cancer researcher at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus: “People who are...

The Gazette

No, Sun Exposure Is Not the Secret to Living Longer (Probably)

The aerial ladder resting against the side of William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center is an unfriendly sight to those with a fear of heights. Colorado Springs Fire Department Capt....


Why a fire scientist sees climate fingerprints on the suburban Boulder County fires

Jennifer Balch, a fire scientist and the director of the Earth Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, said the extent of the damage caught her off guard at first. Then she considered how...