Updates to systemwide administrative policy statements took effect Jan. 1

By Staff

The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) has announced updates to the following administrative policy statements (APS) from the Budget, Planning and Capital and the Human Resources areas:


  • APS 3002-Capital Construction Planning and Projects


The revision modifies the APS to include a new appendix and resource guide specific to real property transactions.


  • APS 5056-University Employment Postings


Minor revisions were made to the APS to fully comply with new legislative requirements made in the passage of Senate Bill 23-105 Ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work.


  • APS 5062-Leave


Revisions were made to the following sections of APS 5062-Leave:


  • Military - incorporating changes from House Bill 23-1045 by allowing up to three weeks equivalent to a regular work schedule per fiscal year.


  • Administrative - Separating short-term administrative leave into different sections, defining the reason for each usage, and providing clarity on when the administrative leave can be moved to accommodate work schedules.


  • Parental leave - updated to adhere with the requirement of the State of Colorado Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) and the university’s private FAMLI plan and clarify how all the leave components work together for time off and compensation options during parental leave. Notable changes include:
    • Extension of full paid leave from four weeks to six weeks for university staff, classified staff, and 12-month faculty.
    • Elimination of the requirement to exhaust sick leave before parental leave for nine-month faculty.
    • Elimination of the one year of employment requirement for university staff, classified staff, 12-month faculty and nine-month faculty.


These revisions became effective on Jan. 1, 2024.

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