UIS’s go-to guy named President’s Employee of the Year

Nominators cite Baker’s expertise, dedication, pride in CU
President Bruce Benson presents the Employee of the Year Award

President Bruce Benson presents the Employee of the Year Award to Brad Baker of UIS during the Wednesday, Nov. 30, reception at 1800 Grant St. (Photo: Cathy Beuten/University of Colorado)

Brad Baker, financial aid technical analyst with University Information Systems (UIS), is a skilled problem solver, an excellent developer and a consistent go-to guy. But those are not the only reasons Baker was chosen the 2011 president’s Employee of the Year.

“Brad has admirably maintained his professionalism during some challenging times in this organization,” wrote Baker’s supervisor, Scott Ausband, ISIS development manager at UIS. “He not only has become a technical expert in an amazingly short time frame, but shows patience and understanding when working with others.”

Baker was honored at the Office of the President and System Staff Council’s Years of Service/President’s Employee of the Year awards reception Wednesday, Nov. 30. See more photos from the event at the Office of the President Facebook page.

CU President Bruce Benson presented the award to Baker, quoting nominator Matt Lemme, senior associate director of operations, who said, “Here in Denver we like to play a game we call Stump Brad. We send him a problem we have been struggling with for days and count the minutes until we see a reply — usually not only with an explanation but a solution, which may be a change to code or business process.”

In nominating Baker, Ausband said, “Not once since I’ve been Brad’s supervisor have I heard a single negative remark and, on the contrary, regularly receive glowing praise.”

“Brad takes pride in his work every day,” said nominator Art Figel, financial aid application manager. “He is detail oriented and is able to uncover the most obscure issues – oftentimes before they’ve manifested themselves.”

Besides Baker, the president honored system employees for their years of service at the reception at 1800 Grant St.

25 years of service

Judy Ann Hoffman, left, Deborah Kolanowski Ryan and Jonathan L. Thomas were each recognized for 25 years of service to the university. (Photo: Cathy Beuten/University of Colorado)

25 years:

  • Judy Ann Hoffman, Payroll & Benefit Services
  • Deborah Kolanowski Ryan, Payroll & Benefit Services
  • Jonathan L. Thomas, University Information Services

20 years:

  • Vicki P. Davis, Human Resources
  • Frank D. Hammitt, Risk Management
  • Mari Ann Shake, Payroll & Benefit Services
  • Louise Vale, Internal Audit
  • Linda J. Warren, University Information Systems

15 years:

  • Aynalem D. Asmare, Human Resources
  • Kathleen Bollard, Academic Affairs
  • Amy Gannon, Procurement Service Center
  • Tony N. Tolin, Procurement Service Center

10 years

  • Pamela Nadine Andrade, Procurement Service Center
  • Matthew E. Arveson, University Information Systems
  • Paula M. Kirkman, Procurement Service Center
  • Diane L. Main, Internal Audit
  • Alexander M. Meltser, University Information Systems
  • Kathryn G. Rowan, Payroll & Benefit Services
  • Debra Lynne Rowley, Treasurer
  • Joseph Tinucci, Treasurer

Five years:

  • Lauren Shelley Brown, Payroll & Benefit Services
  • Nathan Linglie Chen, Technology Transfer
  • Cheryl Espinoza, Board of Regents
  • James Gantner, Risk Management
  • Karen Delaney Gifford, Technology Transfer
  • Cary Ihme, University Counsel
  • Patrick O'Rourke, University Counsel
  • David Poticha, Technology Transfer
  • William Skarstad, Payroll & Benefit Services
  • Canghui Song, University Information Systems
  • Christopher Stange, University Information Systems
  • Emilia Tenenbaum-Negrini, University Counsel
  • Kirk Walker, University Information Systems
  • Robert Weverka, Technology Transfer