UCCS adopts new electronic recycling policy


Starting July 1, all unwanted university computers and electronic equipment will be recycled with an e-Steward certified recycler.

E-Stewards certification is a rigorous, internationally compliant certification program that assures full conformance to a comprehensive list of e-recycling best practices. E-Stewards was initiated by the Basel Action Network and named after the Basel Convention, the United Nations treaty that restricts trade in hazardous wastes and aims to stop the dumping of toxic waste on developing nations.

“As a leader in sustainability, UCCS is looked upon to demonstrate the best practices,” said Linda Kogan, director, Office of Sustainability. “We want to be very sure that our electronics are disposed of in the best manner and do not show up in places that are harmful to people or the environment.”

In order to encourage recycling of electronics and to protect the environment in Colorado, a new law based on Senate Bill 12-133, bans landfill disposal of certain electronic devices after July 1, 2013.

After Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the bill on April 22, 2012, a UCCS committee with representatives from IT, Auxiliary Services, Facilities Services, the Sustainability Office, and the Learning Centers researched the different standards and selected the more stringent E-Stewards certification.

Currently Blue Star Recyclers, a local nonprofit organization that creates jobs for individuals with disabilities, will process UCCS electronics. The yearly amount of electronics recycling from UCCS is estimated to be enough to provide jobs for two workers. Blue Star Recyclers is in the process of achieving E-Stewards designation.

Academic or general fund departments that need electronics picked up should submit a work order to Facilities Services.

Auxiliary Service departments should submit a work order on the Symplicity system for electronic pickup.

Any electronics with data will be wiped and destroyed after two weeks and then sent for recycling. There is no cost to the department.

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