Tuition waiver pilot program expands campus options for dependents

Starting fall 2017, dependents of eligible employees can receive up to $2,430 toward tuition costs at any CU campus
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Tuition waiver pilot program

Do you have a dependent who currently attends or would like to attend the University of Colorado?

This fall, the Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program expands the option for dependents of CU employees to earn a degree. Under this three-year program, dependents can attend any CU campus, regardless of the employee’s campus of employment.

Employees and their dependents now have two tuition benefit options:

  • Option A – Home campus (current dependent tuition benefit): This option can be used when a dependent attends undergraduate or graduate classes (some exclusions may apply) on the employee’s campus of employment. CU Denver, CU Anschutz and UCCS campuses can waive up to 9 credit hours per academic year. CU Boulder dependents can receive a 30 percent tuition discount.
  • Option B – Other Campus (Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program): This option allows a dependent to attend class at a CU campus other than the employee’s campus of employment. Eligible employees can receive up to $2,430 per academic year, which is around $270 per credit hour for up to 9 credits. This benefit applies only to undergraduate, credit-bearing classes.

Employees can choose only one option each academic year, and give their benefit to a dependent to use for the year. Watch a quick video to see which option best suits your needs:

The benefit only applies to the cost of tuition. All required campus-specific fees, taxes and other related educational expenses must be paid for by the employee or his or her dependent.

For both options, employees must waive their benefit to provide it to the dependent. The employee-only tuition benefit remains unchanged.

Employee Services will begin accepting tuition benefit applications for fall 2017 on July 21.

Take advantage of this benefit by visiting the Employee Services’ website for full details, including comparison handouts and FAQs.

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