Tuition Assistance applications now open

Save money on for the summer 2020 semester
By Staff

Tuition Assistance applications now open

CU faculty and staff can now apply for the Tuition Assistance Benefit for the summer 2020 semester through the employee portal.

Qualified employees can save on up to nine credits per academic year (fall through summer), and their children, spouses and other dependents have several options to save on tuition costs. Dependent options vary based on whether classes are taken on the employee’s home campus or not.

Employees must submit a Tuition Assistance Benefit application on behalf of their dependent. See the links below for full details on campus application deadlines and processes:

Apply now

  1. Log into the employee portal
  2. Open the CU Resources dropdown menu and select Forms
  3. Click the Career Advancement tile, then click the Tuition Assistance Application tile

See full policies, deadlines and instructions on the Tuition Assistance Benefit web page.

By IRS regulation, some uses of the Tuition Assistance Benefit are taxed. Taxable tuition assistance will be subject to federal, state and FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes. Taxable employees can expect these taxes to be deducted from their paychecks one to two months after their CU campus of registration’s census deadline.

Employee Services will notify taxable employees via email each semester. Learn more about the general taxation process by viewing the webinar on the Tuition Assistance Benefit Taxes website.