Tenure list: June 2012

By Staff

At its meeting Wednesday on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus, the Board of Regents approved awards of tenure and appointments with tenure for 77 faculty members across the system:

University of Colorado Boulder

  • Waleed Abdalati, Department of Geography
  • Andreas Becker, Department of Physics
  • Frederic Bloom, School of Law
  • Russell Cropanzano, Leeds School of Business
  • Bridget Dalton, School of Education
  • Michelle Ellsworth, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Janos Englander, Department of Mathematics
  • Yonca Ertimur, Leeds School of Business
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald, Department of Political Science
  • Miranda Fleischer, School of Law
  • Gregory Gentry, College of Music
  • Matthew Gerber, Department of History
  • John Griffin, Department of Political Science
  • John Gunther, College of Music
  • Chris Heathwood, Department of Philosophy
  • Jennifer Hendricks, School of Law
  • Markas Henry, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Cheryl Higashida, Department of English
  • Su-ion Ih, Department of Mathematics
  • Hun Shik Kim, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Ben Kirshner, School of Education
  • Steve Lamos, Department of English
  • Steven Leigh, Department of Anthropology
  • Anne Lester, Department of History
  • Heather Lewandowksi, Department of Physics
  • Manuel Lladser, Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Holley Long, University Libraries
  • Barbara Losoff, University Libraries
  • Stefanie Mollborn, Department of Sociology
  • Bhuvana Narasimhan, Department of Linguistics
  • Diana Nemergut, Environmental Studies Program
  • Leysia Palen, Department of Computer Science
  • Amy Palmer, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Carter Pann, College of Music
  • Liang Peng, Leeds School of Business
  • Hillary Potter, Department of Sociology
  • Richard Regueiro, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • John Slater, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Kevin Stenson, Department of Physics
  • Alexis Templeton, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Nathaniel Thiem, Department of Mathematics
  • Michael Thornton, College of Music
  • David Webb, School of Education
  • Mathias Weber, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

  • Peter A. Braza, Department of Mathematics
  • Amanda J. Elder, Department of Health Sciences
  • Janice M. Gould, Women’s and Ethnic Studies Program
  • Robert R. Hirscheld, College of Business
  • Jon C. Pigage, Department of Biology
  • Edwardo L. Portillos, Department of Sociology
  • Barbara Prinari, Department of Mathematics
  • Sonja M. Tanner, Department of Philosophy
  • Glen C. Whitehead, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
  • George A. Woodward, College of Business

University of Colorado Denver

  • Elizabeth Allen, Department of Psychology
  • Jeffrey Beall, Auraria Library
  • Michel Chonchol, Department of Medicine
  • Paul F. Cook, College of Nursing
  • Timothy Crombleholme, Department of Surgery
  • Carol Dee, Business School
  • Ignacio Ferrer-Vinent, Auraria Library
  • Leslie Gaston, Department of Music and Entertainment Industry
  • James Jaggers, Department of Surgery
  • Katherina Kechris-Mays, Department of Biostatistics and Informatics
  • Allison Kempe, Department of Pediatrics
  • Christopher Koziol, Department of Architecture
  • Anne Libby, Department of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Karen Lutfey, Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Ellyn E. Matthews, College of Nursing
  • Michael McDermott, Department of Medicine
  • Wells Messersmith, Department of Medicine
  • Elaine Morrato, Department of Health Systems
  • Susan Niermeyer, Department of Pediatrics
  • Huntington Potter, Department of Neurology
  • Jill Slansky, Department of Integrated Immunology
  • John Swallow, Department of Integrative Biology
  • Martin Voskuil, Department of Microbiology
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