Taking advantage of SkillSoft courses

By Staff

When exploring myCU Portal (, have you noticed courses listed under "Your Training Summary" that are not CU custom courses? That's because completed SkillSoft courses such as Getting Started With Word 2007 are recorded in the human resources management system (HRMS).

This way, you can track any elective courses you've taken, just as you can track your log of required CU custom courses. Any SkillSoft-specific course you have completed with a score of 70 percent or higher will be indicated with an "x" at the beginning of the course number.

Taking advantage of SkillSoft courses is a great way to increase knowledge of important job skills — for free. Find SkillSoft content by using the "Search for" feature on SkillPort. Tip: Searching for broad topics is more effective than searching for specific words or titles.

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