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SkillPort, the Web-based learning system offered to University of Colorado employees, has a wide variety of online resources on Microsoft Office 2007, for both beginners and experts. As a new user of Microsoft Office 2007, you can take an overview course called "New Features for End Users in Microsoft Office 2007." Learn about new features such as the ribbon, contextual tabs, the gallery, live preview and more. This 80-minute course will save you a lot of time and eliminate frustration in learning about this product.

Expert users of Microsoft Office 2007 can choose from a variety of courses on advanced topics and product customizations. And if you would rather read a book, visit Books24x7—also available on the SkillPort site—where you will find numerous titles on different topics.

For more information on Microsoft Office 2007 online resources or on SkillPort visit the Employee Learning and Development Resource page:

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