School of Pharmacy coordinates disposal of unwanted medicine

By Staff

Health officials often remind us, "Do not flush down the toilet or dissolve in sink drains unwanted medications!"

On April 30, area residents took advantage of an offer to safely dispose of unwanted medications and medical supplies.

The Aurora Police Department and Campus Police were on hand to help at two locations where students and faculty were stationed.

The prescription you never finished taking, those pills that expired and other items that have been hanging out in your medicine cabinet could safely be dropped off at the Anschutz Medical Campus for proper disposal.

At the Aurora Municipal Building, 499 pounds were dropped off. On the Anschutz Medical Campus, 618 pounds of meds and 89.8 pounds of inhalers and sharps added up to 707.8 pounds.

This cooperative effort between the School of Pharmacy and area authorities netted a total of 1,207 pounds of meds, a 60 percent increase over last year's collection of 756 pounds.