Reminder: State resource available for reporting occupational fraud

By Staff

The University of Colorado Principles of Ethical Behavior and the systemwide Code of Conduct reflect the university’s commitment to creating and sustaining a work environment in which university affairs are conducted ethically, professionally and according to applicable laws, regulations and university policy.

Members of the CU community are expected to report known or suspected violations of law or policy to designated offices or through available mechanisms.

Among those options, which are detailed here, Colorado’s Office of the State Auditor maintains a Fraud Hotline to receive reports about occupational fraud, a situation in which a state employee or contracted individual may be using their position or access as an employee or contractor to commit fraud against the state or others.

Reports made through this resource are referred to the affected state agency – in this case, the University of Colorado – which is responsible for determining and taking appropriate action to respond to the reported concerns.

As always, under university policy and applicable law, any university employee or contractor who reports known or suspected violations of law or university policy in good faith is protected from retaliation.

Ways of reaching the Colorado Office of the State Auditor Fraud Hotline are:

For more, including a downloadable poster, go to:

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