Regents Governance Committee advances proposed changes to policies

By Staff

The Regents Governance Committee last week advanced recommended changes to some Regent Policies, with the revisions now scheduled to be voted on by the full Board of Regents at next week’s meeting at UCCS.

As approved during the committee’s Oct. 26 hybrid meeting based at 1800 Grant St., recommended changes to Policy 2.N and Article 2.E would allow the secretary of the Board of Regents, with the concurrence and direction of the staff Laws and Policies Coordinating Committee (LPCC), to make nonsubstantive cleanups to the Regent Laws and Policies in a timely manner. The changes would also require the LPCC to keep a record of all changes and report them on an ongoing basis to the Regents Governance Committee and to the full Board of Regents as part of the Governance Committee Report.

The Governance Committee also advanced proposed changes to Policy 13.G for consideration by the full board. The policy and the changes are aimed at maintaining efficiency within the process for doing business with contractors.

Changes to Regent Policy 2.L relate to public comment at Board of Regents meetings and reflect that hybrid and remote meetings take place regularly. The changes would clarify procedures for public comment requests for in-person and remote meetings, and note that committee chairs would determine when public comment takes place during committee meetings.

The committee also discussed plans for the Board of Regents winter retreat, scheduled for January. The Governance Committee will meet remotely on Dec. 14, if necessary, to finish retreat planning. The next regularly scheduled Governance Committee meeting is set for Jan. 25, 2024.