Regents to consider reverting to previous board office model

Matter to be addressed at February meeting
By Staff

The University of Colorado Board of Regents in February will consider amending its laws to change the structure of the board office and the position of secretary to the board and general counsel.

The discussion was precipitated after General Counsel and Secretary to the Board Dan Wilkerson announced he will retire in the summer. Wilkerson has a dual report, to the University of Colorado President and to the board. The regents’ discussion centered around whether that model should remain or if it should be split into two positions, and whether those should have dual reports. There is also the potential that the structure of the board office would revert to the pre-2007 model, in which the board secretary reported to board and the general counsel had a dual report.

Amending regent law requires a two-thirds majority, or six regents, to approve a change. Regent Michael Carrigan, D-Denver, said it was important for the board to address the issue quickly so it can be determined if a search will be for one person or two. The board unanimously approved waiving the 60 days typically required for a notice of motion for change. The February meeting will be in 55 days, Feb. 1-2.


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