Regents approve letter affirming freedom of expression for students

Email will be sent annually to incoming freshmen

After six months of deliberation and compromise, the regents voted 9-0 to send a letter to all incoming CU freshmen, beginning this fall, affirming the university’s commitment to freedom of speech and academic freedom.

Regent Chance Hill, R-Colorado Springs, initiated the letter and stressed that it was a bipartisan effort.

“The aim is to signal to all first-year undergraduate students at all four CU campuses that the senior leadership ranks of this university, in the form of the Board of Regents, remain committed to wanting to continue to build and foster a campus culture that sincerely values free speech and free expression in all its forms,” Hill said.

Regent Irene Griego, D-Lakewood, thanked Hill for his work leading up to the final letter, and recommended it be revisited annually.

“This is a conversation we should have yearly based on where we’re at and what we think,” she said.

Regent Lesley Smith, D-Boulder, said she didn’t feel like the letter was necessary and was concerned about email overkill for incoming freshmen and wondered if the process was time well-spent.

“A lot of energy and time has been spent on freedom of expression, but I do think we need to make room for other initiatives,” Smith said.

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