Proposals sought for fully online degree program

Faculty, staff stipends offered for launch of new initiative
By Staff

The chancellors and provosts of the University of Colorado invite faculty and staff to submit proposals for the development of a new, fully online undergraduate degree program to launch in fall 2018. Proposals will be accepted from now through July 15.

The grant program provides funds to plan and develop a comprehensive, intercampus, online undergraduate degree that improves student access to the University of Colorado’s educational opportunities.

Faculty selected for the grant will receive a $15,000 stipend. A staff person will be selected for each team to support the logistics of course development, and will receive a $5,000 stipend. Each grant proposal will have $200,000 for course development. Currently, there is enough funding to mount three new degree programs.

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Some salient criteria are:

  • Courses must be delivered by faculty from no fewer than two campuses. Faculty members who may ultimately deliver the courses do not have to be the same faculty as those participating in the grant offering and design of the online degree program.
  • All courses must be delivered online.
  • Enrollment estimates must be provided by residency type with a strongly defended rationale as to the demands of the program and support for meeting enrollment estimates. In estimating enrollments, consideration must be given to retention as well as student migration from an existing program to the new program.
  • Identification and estimate of extraordinary expenses (outside of normal operating and instructional costs) that may be required.
  • Provide justification that demonstrates the degree is in a subject area that is in high demand in Colorado and will have high marketability outside of Colorado.
  • Provide justification that demonstrates the degree program will allow completion from freshman year to graduation in three years, which may include summer and interim courses.

Special attention will be given to proposals that:

  • Include faculty participation from three campuses for both development and delivery of the program.
  • Include a partnership with Colorado business, not-for-profit organizations, and/or governmental agencies.

Grants will be awarded by Sept. 30; final program development is due March 31, 2017. Online course development will take place during academic year 2017-18 and the initial courses will launch no later than fall 2018.