President's Task Force on Efficiency reports progress

Administrative policies, business processes growing more streamlined
By Staff

A year after CU President Bruce D. Benson established the President's Task Force on Efficiency, most of its recommendations are at least partly in use, helping to achieve the goal of streamlined administrative policies and business processes.

In its latest status report, the task force notes that 16 of its 36 recommendations have been fully implemented at the university. Another 13 are partly in use and are expected to be fully in place by January. Of the remaining seven, four are progressing and three might not be fully implemented this year.

Leonard Dinegar, senior vice president and chief of staff, and Dan Montez, director of the Office of Policy and Efficiency, presented an update at the Nov. 11 meeting of the Board of Regents.

"Now is a great time for everyone to offer their ideas, suggestions, comments and even complaints, as the task force begins to review all the previous and new feedback that we've received," Montez said.

The latest status report and more information about the task force is available at this site, where visitors also may provide comments and suggestions for how the university could be more efficient and effective in its business.
Among the changes that streamlined business processes:

  • raised threshold for official functions forms, eliminating the need for more than 8,000 forms per year.
  • increased small-dollar purchase limit from $4,500 to $5,000, eliminating 1,300 approvals per year.
  • reduced paperwork for obtaining mobile phones.

At its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17, the task force recognized two new members. Joe Rosse, director-faculty and professor at the Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder, takes over for Uriel Nauenberg, physics professor. Kim Huber, interim associate vice chancellor for administration and finance at UC Denver replaces Jeff Parker, who held the same position.

"We really appreciate the contributions made by both Uriel and Jeff and we all look forward to working with Joe and Kim as the task force continues its work," said Dinegar, chair of the President's Task Force on Efficiency.