PBS working to resolve possible overcharges to UA Net members

Programming error affected some billing for medical office visits
By Staff

Payroll & Benefit Services (PBS) is working to resolve a programming error that may have resulted in some members of the UA Net health plan being overcharged for recent office visits.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield recently notified PBS of a programming error between Anthem and the University of Colorado Hospital. Since July 1, some plan members might have been charged more than the $30 copay for a primary care visit, or more than the $40 copay for a specialist visit. Anthem has since corrected the error and is reprocessing all affected claims.

Plan members who believe they received a bill with the overcharge are asked to call Anthem at 1-800-735-6072 for an adjustment.

Plan members who already paid a health care provider for a suspected overcharge are asked to contact the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) billing office on or after Sept. 1 at 1-800-298-8682 to arrange for reimbursement.

When contacting UCH, please have the following information available:

  • Patient name
  • Date of service
  • That you have received notice from Anthem that the service has been reprocessed
  • That you are seeking reimbursement from the hospital on the payment you made as result of the incorrectly applied deductible
  • The amount and the date you paid the hospital

Later this month, PBS will mail to the residences of all UA Net members summary information on the features and costs of the plan. For a full description of the UA Net plan, visit the PBS website. A comprehensive UA Net plan benefits booklet also is available for review.

In the meantime, if you would like to speak with a PBS benefits counselor about your particular situation, please call 303-735-6500, option 3.