Office of Academic Affairs soliciting proposals for President's Fund for the Humanities grants

By Staff

The President's Fund for the Humanities was established to preserve a balance in the university's programs of education and research by giving special attention to the humanities. The system Office of Academic Affairs now is accepting proposals for grants for fall 2010; deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29.

Proposals might include: seminars in humanistic studies; public programs in the humanities; innovative teaching in the humanities; or requests for lectures or exhibits by visiting scholars. The fund might also support projects that involve interdisciplinary teaching, increase the visibility of the humanities, emphasize humanistic values, or address special social problems in a humanistic context.

For application guidelines, click here. To view previous awards, click here.

An advisory board of faculty representatives from each campus will consider proposals and make recommendations to President Bruce D. Benson for funding. Proposal requirements, guidelines and more information may be found on the president's website,

For more information, contact Linda Starkey, assistant to the associate vice president for academic affairs, 303-860-5623 or