New UC Denver program puts high school grads on pathway to med school

By Staff

High school students eager to begin their careers in medicine now have the opportunity to "reserve" a seat in a top-ranked medical school immediately after high school, thanks to the University of Colorado Denver's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and UC Denver's School of Medicine combined bachelor of arts/bachelor of science-doctor of medicine B.A./B.S.-M.D. program. A first of its kind in the state, the program's purpose is to reach out to high school academic achievers from diverse backgrounds who are committed to serving Colorado's health care needs.

The focus of the program's guidelines and eligibility requirements is on selecting eight to 10 diverse graduating high school seniors who not only are committed to practicing medicine, but practicing medicine in Colorado. The students must have proven their academic excellence in the classroom as well as demonstrated exemplary characteristics in their communities.

"Acceptance into the program and successful completion of all requirements gives students a reserved seat in a top-ranked medical school and the freedom to explore other interests during their college years at UC Denver," said Daniel J. Howard, Ph.D., dean of the UC Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The B.A./B.S.-M.D. program takes eight years to accomplish. Selected students enroll in a bachelor's degree of choice and also complete the sequence of required premedical course work. They will participate in medical seminars, both clinical and research related, during the summer months. The program provides focused navigation with yearly reviews to keep students on track for medical school. Upon successful completion of the bachelor's degree and all program requirements, the students enter the School of Medicine.

"Allowing Colorado students to chart a direct course to medical school when they enter UC Denver as undergraduates will ensure that our students have a chance to attend a top-notch school in their own backyards and the state of Colorado can receive the high quality, diverse medical work force it so desperately needs," said UC Denver's Chancellor M. Roy Wilson, M.D., M.S.

The deadline for fall admission is Dec. 15. For admissions information, click here.