New system policy changes take effect

By Staff

The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) announces changes to 10 administrative policy statements (APS) from the areas of academic affairs, fiscal, and human resources, including four consolidated policies that have been rolled into fiscal procedures or other existing policies; five policy revisions; and one new policy concerning special tuition status requirements for students.

The changes, approved by President Bruce Benson, took effect July 20. Overall, the changes have reduced the total number of system APSs from 92 to 89.

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  1. 8012 – Special Tuition Status

Consolidated into Other Policies

  1. 5027 – Annual Merit Adjustments for Faculty  (see APS 5008)
  2. 8007 – In-State Tuition Status for Students Who are Honorably Discharged from the Military (see APS 8012)
  3. 8008 – In-State Tuition for Students Who Move to Colorado as the Result of an Economic Development Incentive (see APS 8012)

Rolled Into New Fiscal Procedures

  1. 4023 – Honoraria


  1. 1016 – Procedures for Allocating Sponsored Project Funding on More Than One Campus
  2. 1024 – Approval of Sabbatical Assignments
  3. 5008 – Performance Ratings for Faculty
  4. 4024– Travel Authorization
  5. 5014 – Sexual Harassment

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