New pedestrian walkway nears completion

By Staff
Photo by Tom Hutton

Photo by Tom Hutton

A paved walkway stretching from Main to Columbine halls is nearly complete and should be open to pedestrians by mid-July.

"We're piecing it together one section at a time," said Carolyn Fox, architect, Facilities Services. "We're trying to minimize inconvenience to the campus community."

Previous phases included Columbine Hall to the plaza near El Pomar Center and from University Center to the Gallogly Events Center. The section in front of Dwire Hall was the last to be completed. The concrete features a unique pattern that is both decorative and functional.

Contractors poured the last section of eight-inch-thick concrete June 7. The concrete will cure for 30 days before the walkway is closed so sealer can be applied. By mid-July, the curing and sealing process should be complete and the walkway open.

Though designed as a walkway that Fox calls a pedestrian spine, the 17,400 square feet of concrete used in the project will support emergency vehicles including 80,000 pound fire trucks. To keep unauthorized vehicles off the walkway, collapsible metal posts called bollards are planned.

Plans also call for decorative banners to be installed later this summer that would highlight university accomplishments, build pride, and add color to the campus.